I am not a techie trying to write, but a writer who understands tech.




Background Summary

I am a former journalist who transitioned to content development a decade ago when I accepted a quality assurance position with the video game maker Electronic Arts.

This foray into technical writing was supposed to be temporary, and I expected to be back in a newsroom in a year. My plan changed, however, when I discovered how much of EA’s documentation was being written by techies on loan from development, and I marveled at how these truly intelligent people struggled to effectively communicate their technical knowledge in writing.

I recalculated my future, realizing that the tech world needs good writers, and better still, they need good writers everywhere — on the development side, in support and on the front end, producing engaging content.

I focused on project documentation for a few years, working for companies as large as Georgia Pacific and on some noteworthy projects like the Deepwater Horizon claims processing network of sites. At the same time, I continued to produce topical content for various sites and publications.

After years of writing how-to articles about web technology, each of which requires me to understand the functionality and become proficient with the tool or product I am writing about, I have accumulated the requisite skills to not only produce a wide variety of content but to manage content development on multiple platforms.