The shortest distance between your site and a larger audience is better content.



On Writing…for the web

The internet has been both a boon and a bust for writers. On one hand, most of the barriers that once prevented would-be writers from publishing are gone and millions of new voices are being heard. It’s not always pretty, but I believe this will turn out to be a good thing, eventually.

On the other hand, the glut of unskilled writers has had a deleterious effect on the quality of online content as professional writers were squeezed out by inexpensive neophytes. This is changing, however, as competition stiffens and web admins discover that their SEO efforts did not produce the hoped-for advantage over the competition, because — Surprise! — the competition has been optimizing, too.

The shortest distance between any site and a growing audience is better long form content. With the right writer or editor, the content production chain is short and flexible and the resources required relatively modest compared to, for example, integrating a new service or expanding a site’s functionality. 

Inexperienced writers believe their value lies in their ability to turn a phrase because there’s nothing else in their toolboxes. Experienced content developers know that writing only accounts for half of the effort required to develop consistently good copy. The other half involves research, planning, technical considerations, and an understanding of the online marketplace and the client’s role in it. All these as sundry tasks must be accomplished efficiently, because you’re on the clock.

I bring to every project a professional writer’s drive to produce exceptional content, a veteran journalist’s pragmatic respect for productivity and a web administrator’s grasp of the technical implications inherent in various content types and strategies. 

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