I provide expert writing, editing and web content development services for blogs, business and technology firms, as well as for graduate students and researchers.

Fifteen years in journalism followed by 10 years creating technical documentation have given me a very deep toolbox. I am skilled in both creative and technical writing and possess the research and analysis skills to make what I write credible and effective. A modicum of web design, video editing and software development experience enhances my ability to create exceptional content across a broad spectrum of disciplines.

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Whether your goal is more readers or more customers, the quality of your content matters. You can inspire curiosity with good design or attractive sales offer, but getting the audience’s attention is only the beginning. Maintaining and growing that audience requires consistently high quality, regularly updated content.

I cut my professional teeth in old school journalism, first reporting for my hometown newspaper and later in Europe and the the Middle East. Following the dictates of the Internet Age, I have transitioned from reporting to technical documentation and web content development. My documentation experience largely consists of usage and training documentation, although I enjoy writing about arts & culture, travel & leisure and public policy & world events.

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A sampling of my usage and documentation work


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