My rates are based on the those established by the Editorial Freelancers Association and can be viewed by clicking the association logo on the left.

I negotiate discounted rates and manageable fee structures with clients all the time, and the factors that govern these discounts are rather straightforward.  A single, 500-word blog post, for example, is going to cost $50, but customers who contract for a steady supply of posts on an ongoing basis may pay as little as $30 per post.

Other factors I will consider when preparing quotes include:

  • Degree of technical difficulty
  • Amount and type of research required
  • Turnaround time

New clients may be asked to provide a retainer before I begin work. I provide expert and original content development and editing services, but this doesn’t mean I’m expensive. In fact, my rates are on the low end of the scale. It does mean that I put professional effort into my work and expect to be paid on time, every time.  If I work for you, I will not waste your time. Retainers are a barrier to those who would waste mine.

Use this form, the simplest contact form in the world, to contact me and request access to my client portal, where you can view work samples and request a quote.