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If you have a proposal, scope of work or other document that adequately outlines your project parameters, feel free to submit that document in lieu of completing the estimate request form. Simply click the RFP Request button below, enter your contact information, attach the file and click Submit.

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I try to accommodate clients with simple needs and those with more complex projects by offering two types of estimates:

Quick — Quick Quotes are intended for clients whose content needs are relatively simple or clients who need a ballpark estimate in a hurry. Typically, I can produce a Quick Quote within a couple of hours, sooner if you indicate that you need it right away. If your project involves generating non-technical blog posts of up to 1,000 words (with or without images) or editing non-technical documents of any length, I recommend using the Quick Quote option, although you are welcome to request a Detailed Estimate.

Detailed — A Detailed Estimate attempts to define as precisely as possible both your content needs and the tools required to meet those needs. Typically, I can generate a Detailed Estimate within 48 hours. If your project involves technical content, web design, web management, video production or if you are seeking a project manager, please request a Detailed Estimate. 

Enter your contact information below, then choose the estimate type your prefer and complete the applicable form as thoroughly as possible. A copy of the completed form will be emailed to you when you click the Submit button.

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